Levander pillow

Levander pillow

New in our offer - amazing pillow with a pleasant aroma of lavender. Filler pad is filled with ball fleece and complemented by lavender (and it is really there). Lavender comes exclusively from France, it takes the highest content of essential oils and the highest quality. Lavender is known for its soothing properties, relieves tension and stress, relieves depression and have beneficial effects on the respiratory system, helps to fall asleep easyly and peaceful sleep. Cover is removable and can be washed. Filling should not be washed. At the beginning of smell it is more intense, so you should not for the first days sleep on it, later the fragrance settles and is very pleasant. Additionally we add an extra small bag with lavender flowers, you can still insert into the pillow to enhance scents.

40x40 cm pillow, beautifully feathery, hypoallergenic filler with true lavender, 100% polyester. Coat with a zip. Washable in washing machine (cover only). With the exception of white pillow is hand-sewn, so please be patient while production takes about 4-5 days.

Colour patterns:

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A simple heart
The Little Prince
I love you
Ta nejlepší babička
Heart inlove
I love you
In love
Heart beat
Lilac heart
Together forever
I love
Angel and devil
Love you forever
Karel Gott
Cats in basket
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