Oval pendant

Oval pendant

Decorate your neckline with this original jewel that you can design according to your wishes. Insert the fairy-tale motive for your little princess, or a design that makes it a true gem. Use your imagination and show your neighborhood a real original. Your neckline can decorate picture of your loved one, the motive for which you have a real feelings, but also the texture that creates a locket great addition to your favorite outfit.

Pendant measuring 32 x 43 mm of stainless steel. Part of the medallion is also a classic chain. Comes with gift bags. Quality printing fingernail scratch resistant.


Choose a design to your gift

A simple heart
Heart beat
MEME Freddie Mercury
Apple Jobs
Ta nejlepší babička
Angel and devil
Heart of beer
Karel Gott
Hannibal Lecter
Travel the world
Cat - Lizz
Květinový rámeček
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